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Relax your MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT with massage. A mix of the old and new.

Kia ora

I believe massage is a gift.

I believe massage is intuitive.

I believe massage is an awakening. 

However, when I graduated with Massage Certificates in Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, I learned to perform massage techniques effectively because it requires specific knowledge, training, and proficiency.

My awakening began at age 12 when I hurt my ankle playing rugby.  It felt like a twisted ankle or an ankle sprain.  When I limped home from the game, my grandmother massaged my foot using this traditional technique of massage with the blessing of water, and an ancient chant.  Half an hour later, I was back on my feet walking around like nothing had happened. The pain was gone.  Whatever she did felt like an instant cure, and I was back at school the following day.

Later, when I had the temerity to ask her why she was talking to herself when she massaged my foot, she giggled and in my mother tongue she explained the tradition of massage.  She told me that massage was a gift handed down to her by her elders and ancestors using the power of water and traditional prayer and worship. She called the massage technique ‘hono.’  As I grew up, she taught me the fundamental elements of ‘hono’ and I was hooked.  Since then, I’ve indulged myself in deep tissue massage across the globe and moulded the experiences of other cultures with the traditional technique that all began with my grandmother and my sprained ankle injury from rugby.  Unfortunately, I didn’t learn the chant. Instead, I’ve switched it up with Spotify.

At Bodyworks for Blokes, we target your traps, glutes and hammies, but our feet are often the overlooked foundation of our body.  They bear the weight of our lives.  The intrinsic elements of my massage recipe are indigenous to this land and beyond.  It isn't just a therapeutic practice; it's a cultural legacy deeply rooted in ancient traditions, where the healing touch is revered for harmonizing the body, mind and spirit.

In India, massage echoes their rich heritage of holistic well-being.  The ancient Romans prayed for a healthy mind, in a healthy body, “mens sana in corpore sano”.  In Aotearoa, we weave together a rich tapestry of massage that cloaks our mind, body, and spirit.

At Bodyworks for Blokes, massage is where the art of muscular relaxation for men meets the essence of male serenity.

So lay back and relax.

Balance your mental and physical well-being with deep tissue massage and ‘hono’ – a mix of the old and new.  It’ll calm your frame of mind, relieve the tension from your physical body, and soothe your spirit.

My ancestors believed in holistic care and striving for parity between a healthy body and a healthy mind. And so do I.

- John Edwards

"Mens sana in corpore sano"

"A healthy mind in a healthy body."